Agenda Items

meetinghouse name (held over from 1/13 pending research)

items from Marin 2/10/11:
24-hour meeting for worship followed by open house
stackable chairs for open house or use green outside chairs temporarily?
two signs for front and side
Peace Pole ($600 at
exterior painting
parking lot striping

password protect minutes on the website? (proposed by Larry 1/19/11)

report from PMC on security, tree removal, and fence info

continue finances discussion regard furnishings

continue open house plans

*Clarification on decision making

*Lawn care

*Tree issues

*Room scheduling

*General uses of the building

AGENDA FOR 3/10/11

Sign update


walk-off mats: a mat at the main door (to protect the wood a bit), and possibly also one at the kitchen (might be a bit slippery when walking in with snowy boots)

plowing the lot