Young Adult Friends

Upcoming Events:


Fall 2017 Welcome Picnic on the Burtt House Porch
Saturday Aug. 26 at 5:30

A special welcome and welcome back event! We’ll have sandwiches, lemonade, and sundae fixings. Come meet new people or reconnect after the summer. Join in a game of croquet or take a stroll down to the waterfall. Burtt House Friends Center, 227 Willard Way.

About the Group:

Traditionally known in Ithaca Monthly Meeting as “Young Friends,” the group is made up of college and grad-student+ aged people with Quaker backgrounds or an interest in the Friends community. We meet once or twice a month during the academic year for meals together, movies, hikes, or service-related projects. Students sometimes share slide shows of their studies or field work, and participants have enjoyed theme nights with food and music from a country they have worked in or visited. All are welcome!

For more information and to join the Young Friends email list contact:

Lenora Schneller, (607) 272-3788,

Young Friends at the April 2012 gathering.


Some participants at the Fall 2008 Welcome Picnic find a conversation nook.