Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Aquaponics Field Trip

Today the Lasers (and a few assorted non-Lasers) took a trip to the garden of Steve Austin, who is a neighbor of Garry and Connie Thomas in Belle Sherman. Steve has spent the last couple of years outfitting his garden with edible plants, plants that provide nutrients for each other, a small waterfall, and a fish pond. But a centerpiece of his garden is a small greenhouse within which he has set up an aquaponics system. The greenhouse has a small fish tank that provides nutrients for several trays of seedlings, and the seedlings in turn provide nutrients for the fish. Another highlight were the herbs in Steve’s garden which he invited us to scratch and sniff. We thanked Steve for his gracious tour and rushed back to meeting to make a hot cup of lemon verbena tea from the leaves he gave us. A few of us began speculating about the possibility of setting up our own aquaponics system at the meetinghouse, perhaps in the space that the herb garden now occupies. If there is enough support I think we could make it happen.

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