Schedule a Meeting Event

There are three possible places to schedule a meeting event: the Third Street Meetinghouse, the Burtt House, and the Hector Meetinghouse.

To schedule an event at the Third Street Meetinghouse:

  1. Choose an available date, time and location on the meeting’s calendar. (Click an event on the calendar to see location information.)
  2. Please reserve space and a calendar entry by contacting the scheduling coordinator at <>.
  3. If a conflict between two events needs to be resolved contact the scheduling coordinator.
  4. Publicize your event as described below.

To schedule an event at the Friends Center for Racial Justice at the Burtt House:

Call Angela at 607-319-2644 to make arrangements.

To publicize your event:

  1. Announce your event after meeting for worship on Sundays.
  2. Send an email announcement–and a timely reminder–to the meeting email list 
  3. Put an announcement in the meeting’s monthly newsletter (contact newsletter editor Marin Clarkberg at Get your announcement to her by the Wednesday before the last Sunday of the month.