Brief Description of Our Committees

Attenders are welcome and encouraged to participate on all (*) starred committees. Friends are invited to share their interests in committee service with members of Nominating Committee.

Ministry and Worship is charged with fostering the spiritual growth and pastoral care of the Meeting membership, enhancing the religious life and fellowship of the meeting, and supervising and strengthening the corporate worship of the Meeting. Requests for Clearness Committees (such as for marriage or membership) are generally brought to M&W for initial consideration. Friends are welcome to contact members of M&W for information about the Meeting, for guidance about membership, and with requests for assistance.

Trustees oversee the Meeting’s legal matters, bequests, and property.

Budget works with the Treasurer to recommend an annual budget for Monthly Meeting consideration and oversees the budget.

Nominating talks with members and attenders to discover interests in committee assignments, fills vacancies on committees, and spreads the work of the Meeting among members and attenders. It recommends officers to Monthly Meeting, including Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Recording Clerk, and Treasurer.

Burtt House works with the Burtt House caretakers on all matters related to the structure, functioning, and use of the Burtt House. (*)

Children and the Life of the Meeting oversees all matters related to First Day School, organizes the Monthly Intergenerational Meeting, arranges for child care during meetings and events, and organizes activities to integrate generations within the Meeting. (*)

Directory designs and updates the Meeting’s directory of members and attenders which includes names, significant others, children, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and committee assignments. (*)

Hector Meeting House oversees all matters related to the structure, care taking, and use of the Hector Meeting House. (*)

Hospitality arranges refreshments for after Meeting for Worship, including brunch on the last First Day each month and on special occasions. It plans and organizes the Meeting’s special Christmas dinner and coordinates greeters. (*)

Library is responsible for our large collection of books and pamphlets on history and other matters related to the Religious Society of Friends, Quakerly concerns and activities, and other related concerns. The primary book library is housed in the Burtt House, and many pamphlets and some books are available in the bookcase in the Edwards Room, Anabel Taylor Hall. Everyone is welcome to sign out and borrow books from either library. Most pamphlets are free, and some have a small charge. (*)

Peace Witness provides a focus in our Meeting for peace witness and to encourage and support the leadings of Meeting members and attenders working for peace. It seeks ways to cooperate with community groups working nonviolently for peace, and with nearby Monthly Meetings, to develop and promote non-militaristic responses to violence. It also cooperates with new peace initiatives of other organizations of Friends in order to implement peace witness efforts more broadly in our region. (*)

Program organizes Adult Discussions, which take place in 314 Anabel Taylor Hall on many First Days at 9:30 a.m. when we meet in Anabel Taylor Hall; our annual picnic; and special programs throughout the year. (*)

Publicity ensures times and places for Meeting for Worship are listed and accurate in local newspapers, and reaches out to new college students each fall. (*)

Social Justice provides a focus in our Meeting for responding to concerns related to social justice, and to encourage and support the leadings of Meeting members and attenders working for social justice. It seeks ways to cooperate with community groups working nonviolently for social justice. It supports measures that will promote economic justice and equal opportunity for all, in order to build a society in which every person may find both personal fulfillment and opportunities to make positive contributions to our community and to the world. (*)