Monday, December 20th, 2010

Laser Activities So Far

You may be wondering what the Lasers (grades six, seven, and eight) have been up to recently. Here’s a quick description.

In October we watched a video about “TheĀ  Story of Bottled Water“. This was in response to an announcement at Cornell that Cornell would no longer sell bottled water on campus. I highly recommend this short video. We liked it so much that we followed up the next couple of weeks watching the original Story of Stuff and the recently released Story of Electronics. We have since been ruminating about making our own animated short.

In mid-November we were called upon to plant bulbs at our new Third Street Meetinghouse taking shape in Fall Creek. We rose to the occasion, planting dozens upon dozens of bulbs in strategic locations all around the meetinghouse.

In mid-December Gina and the Candle Beams asked us to share the stage with them in a performance of George Fox: The Man Who Wouldn’t. We quickly assembled a supporting script from Marin Clarkberg’s unpublished book George Fox: The First Quaker. We performed the play after meeting for worship on Sunday 12/12 and it was an unmitigated success.

Finally, last Sunday the Lasers participated in the meeting’s annual Christmas pageant.


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