Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Power Quaker Plans

Today we spoke with Gina about the Out of the Nest program.  If you think you might be interested, please see her.  You do not have to do it this year–the program can be flexible.

We discussed some other ideas.

1. Next Sunday we will be taking a field trip to Ithaca Paint and Decorating to pore over some paint color ideas for our room.  We will not sit with Meeting for the first 15 minutes but will set out by bike promptly at 10:30.  We will have car transport for those who don’t want to bike.  We plan to go no matter what the weather, so come prepared with gloves and with rain gear if it’s rainy.

2.  Our date for painting the Peace Room [our room] is Saturday, December 10th between 10 and 2.  If we have only a few people, we will all paint together.  The space is not that large, so if more folks want to paint we’ll organize shifts.

3.  The Hospitality Committee is  looking for ways to make our meetinghouse more warm and welcoming.  The pancake breakfasts were great!  We talked about other ways to create a warm welcome and came up with  the idea that we could prepare a simple soup for a Meeting lunch once a month.  Talking while while chopping and cooking would be fun, and we could entice the Meeting with good smells from the kitchen.  We’ll be talking more about this idea, but we’d like to try doing this the first weekend in December to see how it works for us.

4.  We also talked about the idea of having some time set aside only for fun.  This might happen during Meeting for Business.  We decided we would want to avoid scheduling fun for another time, which means being transported to the meetinghouse and trying to fit one more activity into busy schedules.  We’ll be discussing this further.

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