Friday, February 19th, 2010

Power Quakers: Year so far

Recently CALM asked me to provide an overview of what has been happening with the Power Quakers.  I thought it would be helpful if what I shared with CALM were posted here as well.

Power Quakers

The Power Quakers have been considering what it means to be every peacemakers and peacebuilders. We brainstormed peacemaking/building skills, and came up with a list of personal skills that would be useful in everyday peacemaking/building. We plan to consider which skills each of us brings to the table, and which skills we want to strengthen. We plan to have some activities that will help us better develop our skills.

We assisted with planning and carrying out the Christmas Pageant.

In January, we considered what we want to welcome into our lives in the coming year. This differs from making a New Year’s Resolution in that we left room for way to open or a leading to develop rather than listing specific things we hoped to accomplish or do. We wrote what we chose on papers and sealed them in envelopes. Next year, we will revisit these hopes.

We discussed the possibility of some field trips. One the Power Qs were enthusiastic about was a trip to the Cayuga Share Farm. This farm was not long ago deeded to the Cayuga people by its former owners. I am currently trying to contact the Share Farm to see about planning this visit. Another option was a trip to Poplar Ridge to experience a programmed Meeting. At the start of the First Day School year, CALM had discussed planning such a trip for the entire First Day School, so I have waited to hear more before making specific plans for our group. In the interest of building cross-cultural peace and understanding, Power Qs may want to learn more about other religions and visit other houses of worship. This is still in the planning stage, and these visits conceivably might continue into the summer when schedules may be more flexible.

Currently, the Power Qs meet on the 1st and 3rd First Days. Some parents have requested that there be something for the Power Qs to do on the days we don’t meet. One parent made a specific request to convene the group on those “off” days to hold informal discussions or other activities. I asked about using the Hillel Library every Sunday rather than every other Sunday, but as yet did not get a response.

My own schedule is very busy, and I find I can’t meet regularly on all 1st and 3rd Sundays. This has meant some tweaking of the Power Q schedule. When a change in schedule has been necessary, the change has been made with full Power Q group discussion and approval.

I would be open to meeting every First Day that I am available, with coverage arranged for when I am not available [by a parent or a co-leader]. However, any changes in the schedule or program should be brought to the Power Qs for their input before being put in place. We will be discussing these possibilities on February 28th.

I have been posting to the First Day School Blog, and contact Power Qs with a reminder each time we meet. I also notify them if there is an emergency cancellation.

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