Monday, March 1st, 2010

Power Quakers

This past First Day we met to consider some planning details that will make our year run more smoothly.  Gina Varrichio, our liaison to CALM, met with us.  We decided it is best to keep our meetings to the first and third First Day, without exception.  This makes it easier for everyone to know when we meet and plan events around these dates.  If I am not available, a substitute will be found to cover the group, and I will provide the substitute with materials and/or topics to be presented.  Gina will come up with a list of willing substitutes.  On any fifth First Day, the Power Quakers will hold a pot luck celebration.  The first such event will be in May.

On the Sundays Power Quakers do not meet, adult volunteers will be sought to be with this group as it gathers for informal discussion or other activities.  Gina will also work on creating this list of volunteers.  It has been requested that the volunteers be adults other than parents of anyone in the group.  Until we have our own meetinghouse, these activities will be held in the Hillel Lounge if it is available.   Once the weather is nice enough, the group may opt to meet outside.   Those Power Qs who wish to remain in Meeting for Worship can do so on any given First Day.

We further explored things we might do to expand our awareness of and appreciation for other spiritual practices and cultures as a way to build peace.  At first we considered visiting several different houses of worship, but decided that inviting speakers to meet with us was a better option, since this will give us the opportunity to ask questions.  If we are drawn to visit any particular house of worship, we will plan for this after we have  been visited by a variety of speakers.  We are interested in hearing from the peace churches [Jehovah’s Witness, Mennonite, Amish (if possible)] and also from the Muslim, Jewish, Ba’ Hai, and Mormon spiritual communities.  We are also considering visits to both the Perry City and Poplar Ridge Meetings.

In the future, both Power Quakers and their parents will be contacted by email with reminders, updates, and other information so that we can all be on the same page.

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