Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Proposed Meetinghouse Exterior Paint Color

We’ll be discussing the meetinghouse’s exterior paint color at the next business meeting. Here’s some information and a photo.

“The Third Street Meetinghouse Committee recommends exterior paint colors as shown: the main building is ‘San Clemente Rose’ [a quiet earth tone in the peach/pink range] and the window trim is ‘Opal.’ We considered many factors in selecting these colors. As a designer I [Larry Clarkberg] choose colors every day; I was disappointed to discover that buildings have a very limited color palette; anything outside certain norms makes a building look too unusual. One of the biggest constraints for our particular building is that the color scheme must work well with the color of the brick walls. Also the colors must work well with our stucco building style, which could be considered either southwestern or Italian. Finally the colors must express well the adjectives selected by the meeting: ‘Contemplative, Caring, Peaceful, Truthful, Genuine, Engaged/Committed, Plain/Simple, Passionate.’

“We used a Photoshop file to test various color schemes. We eliminated schemes that were primarily gray, blue, yellow or green. Warm or sandy tans seemed to work well. However, tan with darker window trim didn’t look ‘contemplative’ or ‘plain.’ Then we tried tan with a *lighter* trim and we realized, ‘that’s it!’

“We’ve painted a patch of San Clemente Rose on the Madison St. wall as a test.”

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