Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Thoughts from the Power Qs

Last time we met, we considered what differences, if any, were called to mind by the words “peace maker” and “peace builder.”  We started from the premise that peace is not the absence of conflict, but rather how we respond to it.  Our discussion brought these ideas forward.  It seemed to us that a peace maker makes peace at the moment, trying to break up fights or arguments, trying to make someone feel better, or trying to solve a problem.  There are risks in this role of peacemaking:  you might be pulled into a situation in ways you had not intended; you might get hurt or “caught in the crossfire;” you might not know what to do or say; and you might not feel empowered to do anything constructive at all.

We felt a peace builder would work over a long period of time, trying to keep problems from coming up or to lessen the impact of a problem.

We felt that everyone brings differing skills to peace making/peace building, and that anyone would need a good set of peace-making or peace-building tools.   We also felt it was important to acquire new skills, or to hone the skills you have, so that you are better able to act when you need to.

On a totally different topic, we discussed how we might contribute to this year’s Christmas Pageant.  We are waiting to hear more about possibilities.

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