In-Person Meeting for Worship

Updated December 9, 2022

Ithaca Friends have adapted our Worship locations and procedures throughout the coronavirus pandemic to keep our IMM and wider community safe. Currently, Meeting for Worship is held in-person at our Third Street Meetinghouse at 10:30am on Sundays. Certain protocols are in place and anyone attending Meeting in-person is asked to follow them. See below for more details.

General precautions

The Third Street Meetinghouse Committee, in conjunction with the Ministry and Worship Committee, continues to review recommendations and procedures from the CDC, the Tompkins County Health Department, and New York State and makes recommendations to Ithaca Meeting as appropriate. When attending Meeting for Worship, committee meetings, or other gatherings at either our Third Street or Hector Meetinghouse, please adhere to these procedures:

  1. Do not attend worship if you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, any other contagious illness, or have tested positive for COVID-19.
  2. Plan to wear a mask the whole time you are inside.

Worship at Third Street Meetinghouse

Most chairs are spaced 6 feet apart. Some chairs are closer together, or can be moved closer together, so people in the same household can sit together. You may choose where to sit based on your own comfort level related to social distancing.

Childcare is available during Meeting for Worship at our Third Street Meetinghouse.

You may consume food or drink inside the Meetinghouse. Although not COVID related, we remind people of the previous guidelines of not eating in the carpeted areas upstairs.

During Meeting for Worship, or any other IMM event in the meetinghouse, windows will be open if the outside temperature is more than 50°F. Otherwise, the windows will remain closed. Our intent is to use common sense while not making Friends uncomfortable unnecessarily.

Worship at Hector Meetinghouse – seasonal

During the warmer months of the year, in-person Meeting for Worship is also held at Hector Meetinghouse every Sunday. Generally this means from Easter to Thanksgiving Day. The Meetinghouse is also used on special occasions and some holidays. Please note, we do not consider this a warm month, so there is no weekly Meeting for Worship at Hector.