Using the Meetinghouse

Our Third Street Meetinghouse (TSM) is located at 120 Third Street, Ithaca, NY 14850. To request space at TSM for an event or meeting, please email

Third Street Meetinghouse in Spring

Visit the TSM Calendar to see when the Meetinghouse is already in use.

An outside group may use our Third Street Meetinghouse (TSM) for an event if the following conditions are met:

  1. Building requests should be made as early as possible including the specific date, and beginning and end time of the event (and which rooms in the Meetinghouse you would like to use). All requests should be emailed to TSM scheduler,
  2. Someone from Ithaca Monthly Meeting will open the building for the group, and explain how to use the building and our expectations for its care.
  3. Kitchen facilities may be used. Please let the scheduler know you plan to use the kitchen and dine in the building when you schedule your event or meeting. Food should not be consumed in the carpeted areas of the Meetinghouse (many of the upstairs spaces). It is expected that any and all dishes, silverware, serving utensils, or other kitchenware be washed with our sanitizing dishwasher. Instructions are posted on the wall above the machine. The Meeting representative giving groups access to the building can provide guidance as well.
  4. Please be sure to close doors and windows securely before you leave.

Outside groups are welcome to follow their own policies with regards to wearing masks or not.

This page was updated on March 25, 2023.