Earthcare committee

Charge. The Earthcare Committee will facilitate the consideration of Earthcare-related concerns within the life of Ithaca Monthly Meeting on an ongoing basis. The Committee will build on the testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship (SPICES), among other sources, to inspire and inform our work and outreach on Earthcare. The Committee will promote and facilitate mindfulness with f/Friends regarding actions we can take personally, as committees within IMM, as a Meeting, and as part of the wider community. The Earthcare Committee will also work with wider Quaker bodies and other public and private organizations to address Earthcare and eco-justice concerns locally, regionally, and nationally. The Committee will make recommendations to the Meeting for budget allocations to local, national, and international Quaker and other environmental and eco-justice organizations.

This Committee is open to members and attenders. Official members will serve 3 year terms. The initial convener will help the committee establish a structure for coordination, for example, selecting a Clerk, etc.

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