Our electronic community

Our meeting is evaluating our electronic mailing lists. At present, our traffic is through a Lyris listserv at Cornell. To join, send an email message addressed to IMMRSF-L-request@cornell.edu with the body of the message containing the single word: join.

We are also beta testing a different platform for our electronic fora: groups.io. We can use your help as a tester; please keep reading.

Managed through groups.io, there are three distinct ithaca Monthly Meeting (IMM) subgroups that you can read on the web or elect to receive via email:

  • Announcements. Limited to events and issues of the IMM and other Quaker bodies.
  • Community. General sharing of information to enhance the IMM community. Posts that might be shared here might include requests for pet sitting, sharing of information about music recitals or art shows, and invitations to public events.
  • Witness. Information about social justice or peace witness happenings of special relevance to Friends, such as invitations to volunteer in a community service activity or political protest, or essays that speak to a political concern from a Quaker perspective.

To subscribe, send a blank email to announcements+subscribe@IMMRSF.groups.io.

Visit immrsf.groups.io to manage your email preferences. See steps below.

Step 1. Select your groups in the upper left portion of the webpage:

Step 2. Select “Subscription” on the left panel , and then how you’d like to receive email, if at all. (You can also read messages by visiting the groups.io website.)

There isn’t much traffic on this lists yet, but please give it a try and provide your feedback to the Communications Committee: Marin Clarkberg, Melissa Travis Dunham, and Nancy Riffer.