Our electronic community


Ithaca Monthly Meeting (IMM) uses an email listserv to stay connected to one another and share information. We use a listserv managed through groups.io. See below for more information about how to use our listserv.


We send an e-newsletter, usually around the beginning of each month, which contains announcements, articles, and information of interest to Ithaca Friends. Past issues of the newsletter can be found online.

Sign up to receive our e-newsletter. Please note, the e-newsletter is sent using Constant Contact. This link will take you to our Constant Contact sign-up form.

Emails for specific roles in Meeting

There are a few roles, or jobs, within IMM which have a specific email address to facilitate communication:

  • ithacamonthlymeeting@gmail.com is the email for reserving space in the Third Street Meetinghouse (TSM). Messages sent to that email are only seen by the TSM scheduler. 
  • clerk@ithacamonthlymeeting.org is a general email address for Ithaca Monthly Meeting. It’s also the email address our clerk uses to send official Meeting updates or info (such as agenda and reports for Business Meeting).
  • treasurer@ithacamonthlymeeting.org is a general email address for our Meeting treasurer. Questions about our Meeting finances, including donations, reimbursement of expenses, or paying bills can be sent here.


Since you’re reading this page on our IMM website, you’ve already found part of our electronic community! We use our website to share information about Ithaca Monthly Meeting for both those who are already part of our Meeting and for visitors or newcomers to learn more about us.


Follow us on Instagram as immrsf! We don’t post there very often, but we do share announcements and images of our Meeting.

How to use our IMM Listserv

IMM communicates frequently through email. Because some Friends only want to receive the bare minimum of email about the Meeting (just official events please!) while others want to share much more (from party invitations to poetry), we have set up three different lists in our groups.io account.  Each person can choose whether or not to receive email from each of the sub-lists.

  • Announcements. This is the main, foundational list. Messages sent to this email address are limited to events and issues of the IMM and other Quaker bodies.
  • Community. General sharing of information to enhance the IMM community. Posts that might be shared here might include requests for pet sitting, sharing of information about music recitals or art shows, and invitations to public events.
  • Witness. Information about social justice or peace witness happenings of special relevance to Friends, such as invitations to volunteer in a community service activity or political protest, or essays that speak to a political concern from a Quaker perspective.

To subscribe, send a blank email to announcements+subscribe@IMMRSF.groups.io. You will be added to the announcements list and can then choose to also join the community and witness lists.

To send a message to one of the listservs, enter the appropriate address in the “to:” field of your email: announcements@IMMRSF.groups.io, community@IMMRSF.groups.io, or witness@IMMRSF.groups.io.

To manage your how your receive email messages and how often, visit immrsf.groups.io. and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Select your groups in the upper left portion of the webpage:

Step 2. Select “Subscription” on the left panel , and then how you’d like to receive email, if at all. (You can also read messages by visiting the groups.io website.)